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Yesterday is old news , today is new and tomorrow isn’t promise. A typical answer would be partying and drinking , no way am I judging on those who would do that cause by all means – hey, do you !(YOLO). However, if I only had one day left to live,  I would:
1. Mediating..
It’s very important to know that although my physical body won’t exist on earth , but wherever my soul would end up is the most important part. I would mediate for peace and greatness but remembering the greatness of my life. I would pray to The Most High to give me strength to get through my last day of laughter & joy…
2. Traveling…
I feel like I’ve said that too many times,  but it’s true I really want to travel the world and see all the beautiful views that I’ve seen in pictures over the internet , but I would love it more to see it in person.  I would love to have an experience of traveling around the world from Italy to Hawaii, from Hawaii to Australia- yes ! I would love to go to Australia or Colorado to have that experience to live in a forest. Can you tell traveling is my ultimate goal in life? Lol .
3. Sit back, spend time with love ones & drink a nice glass of wine…
Spend time with close friends & family. Remembering all the good times and laugh about the bad times.
4. Play the lotto.
Hey ! I am no gambler but, since it is my last day on earth . Might as well play some numbers and you’ll never know I could probably win..
And last but, not least …
5. Go to the Chocolate factory and eat up all the chocolate.  One fact you need to know is I am obsessed with chocolate and I am not ashamed of it. I love chocolate, chocolate is bae and will forever be bae .. lol
Truth be told , no one knows when is their last day on earth because we can be gone at any moment. So, no need to stress nor worry about anything that isn’t helpful for you to achieve your goals and your purpose in life. So , keep striving and don’t give up .
Tell me If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend that day?