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When you’ve succeed you smile,
When you’re happy you smile,
But, what about when you’re sad or upset?
You will still smile because you know there’s greatness in the end.
At every dark tunnel, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Your journey is like a roller coaster but, still
You’ll smile.
You’ll smile through the pain,
You’ll smile as you go down,
And as you go up you’ll smile because
With faith anything is possible,
Nothing is impossible.
As you smile , you will love.
As you love yourself , you will love others.
You will love the journey that you’re in.
You will love your vision/dreams
You will love the process because when you get to the end and you’ve succeed , you will laugh and you’ll remember what it took for you to get to your destination.
So, live your life with a smile, love your life , enjoy your life with laughter and stay focus on your path, on your journey and your vision/dreams.
It’s never easy to smile , to laugh , to live or to love. However, life is a roller coaster but, life is beautiful.