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High school

Feb. 14 – the day of love , the day you see everyone in pink or red. The day you’ll know who has a crush on you. The day you’ll know the guy that you’re with is all in your head because the whole entire time while he was texting you , he “surprisingly” ends up with a girlfriend. Also, the day you’ll found out how special you are by someone giving you a giant teddy bear. Valentines Day in high school , was more of a celebration of couples and who were the most cutest couples in school, how many presents can one person carry around the hallways and skipping class to hang out with that special someone or taken tons of pictures like it’s picture day. The girls would get a gigantic teddy bear, there’s balloons like it’s a carnival and face expression would be amazed of how beautiful love is when you see couples at every corners with #relationshipgoals. Hmmm, And than those who didn’t get a chocolate or a presents would wish they had a valentine, but then you realized all the pinks and reds has come to an end , so it’s back to regular schedules as usual.

Adult life

Valentine’s Day in adult life is simple . Adults work to take care of families and take care of themselves. To some Valentine’s Day is a special day not as special as in high school because of the real love being shown or romantic outings – a man can plan out a nice evening dinner with his woman or vice versa – hey! men need all the loving too with trips, romantic dates, outings with friends or by yourself. However, others could careless about Valentine’s Day, like myself. To me, Valentine’s Day is a regular day , and it is not because I am single or lonely. I know some couples who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I know the reaction that I normally get is how crazy can someone be to not celebrate Valentine’s Day? No, it’s not how crazy can someone be to not celebrate valentines, it is why celebrate a day of love, when love should be celebrate everyday?. As you grow up your mindset changes of a lot of things. Best part of Valentine’s Day is buying delicious chocolate , once they’re on sale. lol

We all know the saying if someone only show you love on Valentine’s Day then you should leave this person because you’re wasting your time and this person doesn’t appreciate who you are as a person. However, the best love that you can ever receive after the unconditional love from God is self love and that should be celebrated every single day.