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Hello, I’m Stacey

A Writer, Story Teller and a Blogger

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“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness”..



Hear what my readers say

I am really glad i came across your blog, it has helped me out a lot with some of my daily struggles i have. awesome stuff


I really enjoy the stories you write. How you paint such great picture is just amazing to me. Thanks

Elizabeth M

please keep writing and sharing your stories. I love your journey

Brittney H.

Enjoy some of my writing

Take The Next Step…

Take The Next Step…

Dear Eager, What is the next step? What is the next step in your life? You may not know the answer to that, but you know what your mind is made of. You know what you want to see for yourself. You are eager to take it to the next step. You are eager to take the first...

Think Of Yourself…

Think Of Yourself…

Dear Fearful, You are scared because you don’t know if you are able to do something about your dreams. You are scared because you don’t want to be disappointed with yourself and you are scared because you don’t want to fail again. You are scared because you don’t want...

There’s A Purpose..

There’s A Purpose..

Dear Hopeful, Truth is, you have a purpose in life and you may not know what your purpose is, but God has a purpose for your life. There’s times you may feel you’re not good enough or worthy, but you are enough and you are worthy. There’s a moment in your mind where...